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The movie "Slipstream" had a plane that I just had to build.

I found out later that it was called the "Edgley OPTICA" I am always looking for more OPTICA pictures

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optica222 copy.JPG (112371 bytes) Untitled-41copy.JPG (56640 bytes) optica3 copy.JPG (237704 bytes) Untitled-11copy.JPG (113708 bytes) 3view.JPG (17354 bytes) Check out my
Speed 400 testbed.
penny.jpg (581367 bytes) Preflight 3/23/02
130 grams
58 sq in wing area
24" wing span
all foam

Flight video on 3/24/02

Click here for FrankenFoamy  video                                          

Plans available from MODEL AVIATION     June 2000 issue   plan#890       Construction pictures

Wing cores from Pat Matts
Includes shipping
1 wing       $14
2 wings     $24
3 wings     $34
Pat Mattes
9732 Lafayette Center Rd Yoder, IN 46798-9723
3D.jpg (2908 bytes)       Play with a 3-D model
(AOL users may need to over lay another browser)
You will need a VRML viewer
(included in the RcCad program)
proto-optica.gif (14000 bytes)

The scale version will look like this

RcCad.JPG (6687 bytes)     
Made 3D model with this free demo

MW2.jpg (307231 bytes) Would you believe a 1/2 scale
runway.jpg (10428 bytes) My VRML file was
coverted to play
in FMS flight simulator.

Thanks Chris

The name FRANKENFOAMY comes from the wing I used from a popular speed 400 plane called the "Blue Foamy".