FrankenFoamy construction

These pictures are an aid to the June 2000 MODEL AVIATION constuction article.  
Plans can be ordered from MODEL AVIATION

styro.jpg (38090 bytes) styrocenter.jpg (69680 bytes) styrooutline.jpg (75278 bytes) styrooutline2.jpg (70681 bytes)
Trace canopy pattern onto foam. Include the cut out on the center piece(s). Cut shape with hacksaw blade with tape handle. Cut out wing slot
ply1.jpg (63092 bytes) plycenter.jpg (46489 bytes) plysaran.jpg (35338 bytes)
plypress.jpg (50631 bytes)
ply3.jpg (52636 bytes)
Trace outline of fuselage on 1/64 ply Cut out channel for nose gear and then sandwich the balsa layer between the two 1/64 ply layers. Cover with Saran wrap on both sides to prevent sticking and place weighted plate of glass over it while it cures Cut out motor slot and drill wing rod hole.
wing groove.jpg (69921 bytes) wingpress.jpg (69073 bytes) aileron outline.jpg (58117 bytes) covering wing.jpg (71960 bytes)
Cut 1/8" bu 1/4" slot for spar. Epoxy spar in slot and place in wing saddles to cure. Note saran wrap to prevent from sticking Trace aileron pattern on wing and cut away. Bevel the leading edge of aileron to 45 degrees. Note blank area for shroud. Place torque rods in postion in flush slots with hingeline. Place trailing edge in crease of adhesive sprayed Tyvek envelope.
bottomspar.jpg (45652 bytes) LGspar.jpg (49419 bytes) shroud.jpg (77900 bytes) clorox.jpg (61763 bytes)
landing gear spar is of hard wood and sandwiches the wingrod with the top spar. Pre-bend top of landing gear and push through bottom spar, then bend the wheel axle. Note solid area at the trailing edge of shroud. Repairs made with card stock and balsa. Alternative shroud made from bleach bottle. Note right wing covered with reversed TYVEK priority mail envelope
elevator.jpg (63560 bytes) side servos.jpg (76879 bytes) Open left side.jpg (64993 bytes) open right view.jpg (66607 bytes)
Attach control wire to elevator horn and then glue to elevator. Note TYVEK hinge.Note carbon fiber tow laminated tail booms Servo and motor installation. Note Ply pieces holding motor and aileron torque rod controls fiberglassed on. Note Shroud gussets. Keep elevator control cable kink free. Radio gear is velcroed on. Note Shroud pylons. Note canopy halves. Battery is velcroed on.
Back to FrankenFoamy After several months and dozens of flights (testing the limits) the wing covering began to show wrinkles.
A low temp covering iron shrank the wrinkles making the wing even stronger!